Frosted suite sign insert with aluminum bar accents – Highwoods Properties



Highwoods Properties tried to update a suite sign for a tenant in their 3737 Glenwood Ave property in Raleigh a couple of years back and found no local vendors who were either capable or willing to re-create the etched glass inserts.  They had a very attractive style of suite sign (seen here in the sign for the stairs).  Unfortunately, the frosted/sandblasted style is expensive and time consuming.  We were asked to come up with an alternative for them.  We partnered with a local company to produce a frosted acrylic insert with Braille (achieved with clear rasters), raised black suite numbers and subsurface engraving for the logo/tenant information.  These are attached using magnetic tape on a steel backer to allow for easy updates.  The header and footer are made of quarter inch thick aluminum bar stock with a brushed finish.  This mounting system has proven to be far easier to manage than the tenant inserts that had been permanently affixed in the original system.  Often we are asked to perform work on projects originally produced by others.  Some are more difficult than others.  This one turned out pretty well according to our customer and their tenants.